Rice prices stable: Tofail

Trade serves Tofail Ahmed on Sunday told parliament that the costs of rice and another day to day basics stay stable in the nation.

Reacting to an inquiry from Awami Group MP SM Mostafa Rashidi (Khulna-4), he said the legislature prevailing with regards to handling the syndicate of unscrupulous hoarders and mediators who as a rule control the costs of sustenance things and merchandise to make distress in the market.

“Without the syndicate, the costs of basics are currently steady. Individuals can purchase wares at mediocre costs,” Tofail said.

Portraying different advances taken by the legislature to capture the once-soaring cost of rice, he stated, “The cost is presently at a fair level.”

The clergyman likewise said the legislature built up the Bangladesh Rivalry Commission to guarantee with the goal that no syndicate can be framed.

He said the legislature will force the obligation on the import of rice again after the gather of new paddy.

“Or something bad might happen, the import of rice will go on and ranchers won’t get reasonable costs for their delivery,” he said.

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