How to delete all photos from iphone

iPhone delete all photos! This is how it works efficiently and fast!

The iPhone camera is one of the most popular cameras of all, many of you use it instead of an expensive digital camera and shoot it with holiday photos. No wonder that masses of photos accumulate over time and bring the storage capacity to the limit. Before you implement the tips explained in this article, you should make sure that you have backed up your photos using iPhone backup. We’ll show you several ways to effectively erase all photos from the iPhone.

Delete all photos from the iPhone

If you want to delete two or more or all iPhone photos, you do not have to manually select each photo and tap the trash again each time. It is also easier.

Note: For all the options presented here to delete pictures from the iPhone, the removed photos first land in the album “Recently deleted” in the Photos app. From this album, the images must be deleted afterward, so that they finally disappear from the iPhone. How to do that, we will show you in our article iPhone photos final delete.
  • Open your  photos app first
  • Then choose your  shots
  • At the top right, tap on Select
  • Gradually select the photos you want to delete or
  • Put a finger on any picture and swipe from right to left to mark the pictures
  • Then push your finger slightly upwards so that the pictures are automatically marked
  • Then you tap the trash in the bottom right

Delete individual photos

You probably know this way anyway, but for the sake of completeness, we would like to refer to it anyway.

  • Open your  photos app
  • Navigate to the point shots
  • Chooses then to delete the photo from
  • At the bottom right, touch the trash can icon
  • Confirmed that you want to delete the photo

Delete “moments”

Alternatively, you can also delete entire “moments”. At this point, we would like to point out once again that you should definitely create a backup if you want to keep the photos.

  • Open the photos app again
  • This time, tap on photos in the lower left corner
  • Navigate to the lowest level, the moment’s view
  • At the top right, tap on Select
  • It now appears next to each moment another select button
  • Choose the moments you want to delete
  • Finally, tap on the trash and confirm the deletion


Delete iPhone albums

Finally, we want to show you how to delete albums directly on your iPhone.

  • Opens at the beginning or Photos app
  • Now select the albums to view below
  • Navigate to the top level using the back arrow on the top left
  • At the top right, you choose Edit
  • Touch the red minus in front of the album to be deleted
  • Then you type delete an album


With these simple tips, you can now quickly and easily delete all iPhone images.

Tip: The photos app on the iPhone offers many useful features that you probably did not know yet. In this article, we summarize all the important tips & tricks of the photos app.

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