How to delete photos and videos in iCloud

Clear iCloud By Deleting Your Photos and Videos via iPhone! Here’s how!

Storage space can be a problem for some gadget users because it can affect the performance of the device.

As a solution, some people use cloud services to resize data so that when the device memory is full, it can erase local device data without much consideration.

How to delete photos and videos in iCloud
                             How to delete photos and videos in iCloud

In addition to anticipating the full memory of the device, posting data to cloud services can be used to anticipate data loss when the device has to be reset by the factory or reformatted.

Well, the problem is that free cloud services usually only offer quite a bit of spare capacity, and users have to pay if they want to upgrade cloud storage capacity to a larger capacity.

However, I think only a few device users are aware of paying to use cloud services.

Most prefer to create a new account or delete data that is no longer important. This method is more cost effective.

However, what if we are dealing with devices that can only use one cloud service account, such as when using an iPhone device? Of course, users of this device tend to choose to delete data that is not important.

iCloud or cloud services for iPhone devices is Apple Inc ‘s storage media, which can be used to synchronize data automatically, so users can access it anytime and anywhere.

This service can be used using almost all Apple devices, namely iPhone and MacBook devices.

Similar to other cloud services, the iCloud service also provides features that can be used to manage data, including to delete data.

How to delete photos in iCloud

Deleting photos and videos can provide greater availability of space in any storage media, given the size of photos and videos is usually quite large when compared to ordinary data.

iCloud is included. Users of Apple-made devices can delete photos and videos from iCloud services. But before, users can first download photos and videos to be deleted, move them to their local storage.

Here’s how to delete photos or videos from the iCloud service for iPhone users:

  1. Open the Photos application on devices with iOS 8.1 or above
  2. Tap the Photo button at the bottom, then see the photo or video based on the moment
  3. Press the Select key, and select the photo to delete
  4. Then press the Trash icon, and select the Delete [item] option

Photos that were deleted successfully will still be stored in 30 days as a backup, users can access them through the New Deleted album. However, before 30 days, users can also delete the photos.

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