How to delete games from ps4

Delete and uninstall the PS4 game (instructions)

how to delete games from ps4

Uninstall game on the PS4

Uninstalling a PS4 game is pretty easy. Simply start your PlayStation 4 and navigate to the main menu. Now mark the game which you would like to delete and press the Option key on the Dualshock 4-Controller. On the side now opens a window in which you select the menu item “Delete” and can thus uninstall the game.

PS4 game delete, what happens to the scores?

If you uninstall a game, the scores remain untouched. The scores of a PS4 game will not be deleted if you delete the game from the hard disk, because they are stored in a separate area. If you want to continue playing the game at a later time, you can simply reinstall the game on your PlayStation 4 hard drive, start it, and continue playing with your old score.

If you want to delete the game for storage reasons, you can now move the game data to an external hard drive. So you have to download the game again later if you want to play it again. This is especially useful if you have bought the game digitally in the PlayStation Store and completely downloaded.

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