How to Delete users on the PS4

If you want to delete users on the PS4, only a few steps are necessary. Sometimes it is necessary to clean up a bit on the PlayStation 4 and remove unwanted user accounts. In the following, we will explain quickly and easily how it works.

If the PS4 is your own, and you’re signed in as a primary account, you can easily delete other users. But if you want to delete your own primary account, you should pay a lot of attention. But one after another… You can also read: How to delete games from ps4

How to Delete users on the PS4- HowToDelete

Delete users on the PS4

Log in first with your account on the PS4. You also need to be a primary user to delete other users. To do this, the PS4 in the Account Settings must be set as your primary PS4. Then do the following to delete a user:

  1. Navigate in the upper bar on the PS4 menu and go to the far right of the toolbox to open the “Settings”.
  2. In the following menu you will get the item “Login settings” and in the next screen “User administration”.
  3. Now you can over the menu item “delete user” delete all existing accounts on the PS4.
  4. Select the account or accounts you want to delete and confirm your selection on the following screens.

Whether the deletion successfully you can check when logging off. If the deleted account is no longer available for selection in the start screen, you have succeeded.

Note:  If you want to delete a primary account, the PS4 will be reset to factory settings and reinitialized. Attention, all unsecured files will be lost. So backup this either in the cloud before (PS Plus needed) or on a USB stick. You do this under Settings Saved data Data in system memory.

Incidentally, if you want to rebuild your PS4 directly, you can save the deletion of individual accounts. Just go directly to Settings Initializations Initialize PS4 Complete and follow the further instructions. Remember to save your data in the cloud or on a USB stick. By the way, resetting can take several hours. So be prepared.

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