How To Delete Apple ID Account

How to Delete Apple ID / iCloud account from iPhone

How to delete Apple ID, basically Apple ID cannot be removed from iCloud service. However, you can delete Apple ID in the right way through customer service to request it. You can just delete all data contained on your Apple ID or only to the extent of your personal information and stop using it.


Problems like this sometimes people find information because they don’t know how to delete Apple ID. The problem is that if you search through the device, both the iPhone and iPad are not available to delete the feature. As explained in the first paragraph, everyone has the right to delete it. Keep in mind, if you stop using an iOS device and switch to another type of mobile.

Way To Delete:

There are several ways to delete Apple ID that you can do to maintain the security of your personal data when switching devices other than iOS. This method is quite complicated but you can understand and try it at home to delete it.

How to delete Apple ID / iCloud account from iPhone

Method 1: Permanently delete an Apple ID account

  1. Make sure that you really want to permanently delete the Apple ID. If the Apple ID has been deleted, you will not be able to access all purchases and services related to the ID. For example, you won’t be able to access iCloud Mail and your iCloud Drive storage. Any purchases that you made previously using that account will be lost, including the App Store, iTunes, or other Apple online outlets. The iMessage facility will also lose access.

Maybe you don’t need to delete your account as a whole if you don’t want to lose access to your account and your purchase. Just change your account information so that all your personal data and payment information is deleted. This will make your account inactive without worrying you if your data is accessed by someone else. See in the next section for further details.


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See the “Deactivating iMessage” section if you have just changed your device from an iPhone to another type of cellphone and cannot receive text messages anymore.

  1. See the picture above, do delete the associated email address. If you permanently delete an Apple ID, your email address will not be able to be used to create a new ID. Many people who do not know that another e-mail address that has been linked to the ID account will also not be used anymore. Make sure you have removed this additional email address from your account before deleting the Apple ID. This is just in case you want to use one of these e-mail addresses to create a new account later.


  • Access and sign in using your Apple ID.
  • Click “Edit” next to the Account section.
  • Click “X” next to each email address you want to delete from the account. This
  • allows you to use the email address later if you want to create an account again.
  1. Step three, generate a security PIN. You will need this PIN when on a cellphone that has Support to delete your account. You can do this by clicking “Generate PIN” in the “Security” section on the website.
  1. The fourth step is to back up data or Email that you want to keep. You will not be able to access iCloud Mail and your iCloud Drive storage if you have permanently deleted your account, so back up all important messages or data before you delete the account.

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You can back up iCloud Mail by moving the iCloud inbox into the inbox stored on the computer. You can’t use an iOS device to back up Email.

Make a copy of the document that you saved on iCloud Drive. The easiest way to access this data is by using a Mac computer running the Yosemite version operating system or newer because you can quickly search for data by clicking “iCloud” in the Finder.

If you use an iOS device, you must open a document with each application and then move the copy to the computer. Back up your photos. When you delete an account, all photos stored in iCloud will disappear. Make sure you have backed up important photos to the computer before deleting the account.

  1. Look for the “Apple ID Account Security” number for your region (see picture above). You also have to find a direct number for your region. You can search for a number for your region here.
  2. The last step is to call the right support number and you must explain your reason that you want to delete your ID. You must verify your identity, and that is the use of the PIN that you made. Removing an Apple ID is not the main procedure that must be done, so maybe you will be forced not to delete it. Apple does not want to delete your Apple ID because it does not want to lose users. If a support service officer in your area cannot help, politely say that you want to talk to your supervisor and explain your reasons again.

Try to make your reasons acceptable and easily understood by customer service, so they are willing to permanently delete your Apple ID account.

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Maybe you will be told several times that you will not be able to access all your purchases. Confirm that you are ready to lose access to your data and purchases.
You will not be able to use all email addresses associated with your account to create an Apple ID in the future.

Method 2: Disable iMessage iPhone

  1. Visit the “Deregister iMessage” website. If you have changed your device from an iPhone to another Android device or smartphone (smartphone), maybe you will not receive text messages that are still sent to your Apple ID. You can cancel the registration on iMessage that has been set before by visiting this address:
  2. Enter your cellphone number that has been registered with iMessage. Then enter your cellphone number that cannot receive the message correctly. Apple will send you a text message that contains a code.
  3. After entering the telephone number, it will be presented a page to submit the code that was sent to your device. Enter the code you have received. This code must be entered to verify that you really own the cellphone number, and your iMessage account will be deactivated immediately. You will be able to receive all SMS messages as usual.

Last Word:

That is the information we can convey, hopefully useful.


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